Monday, February 9, 2009

Hello love.

You've been nothing less than wonderful :)

It has been the best 3 years.

Thanks for taking good care of me and sharing our lives together was the greatest experience ever.

There's much to celebrate and more to cherish in the near future <3 :)

This year for our anniversary, we did the most bizarre thing ever. Apparently we must attempt the impossible to celebrate the milestone of our relationship *according to him*

We cooked our own dinner. Okay I shall repeat to emphasize the outrageous statement I just made. In caps.


Well, for someone- me who had never cooked anything else in her life apart from Maggi (the ones in the cup where you just pour hot, boiling water into. Am not bothered to cook the type which needs a pot :p ), sunny side ups anddddddddddddd frying bacon, I've attained the impossible! LOL. But it really felt accomplishing to devour your own cooking after all the hard work. Plus, the food was, most importantly, EDIBLE *throws confetti* and they were quite delicious *releases ultimate fireworks*. I swear. It's reallllllllllllly good :)

Menu of the day!
1. Creamy Mushroom and Chicken Soup (okay we cheated on this one. it's from Campbell. Haha)
2. Pan fried Black Pepper Beef Steak (Yums! :) We bought the marinated ones from Cold Storage and they did a pretty good job at it ^^)
3. Oven baked Russell Potatoes filled with Mozarella (Oh god. This is the besssssssssssst!)
4. Japanese Corn (Sweet but not salty enough :( )
5. Fresh Salad with Italian dressing
6. Pan Fried Prawns ( Tried the recipe at my primary school reunion BBQ and it was fab!)
7. Cuppacakes' Petite 36 cupcakes! (My fav cupcake store!! but sadly I couldn't get my hands on the mini 49 cupcakes :( prefer the tiny, cute ones to the petite ones :( )

The ala-master.

End product :) This is Kok Shin's portion

God liked mozzarella Russel Potatoes and sweet corn

Happy baby!

Close up!
More cheeeeeeese

Long story on these roses :p
Was pretty pissed at the bf for being late to fetch me but how was I supposed to know that he drove all the way to my area to get me them roses as it was too jammed to head down town and drove all the way home to put the flowers in his house *as he wanted to give me a surprise*, then drove all the way to pick me up from my place? *;) sorry dear :) *

Cupcakes! :)))

Please excuse my cam whoring pics :p

<33 Happy 3rd year anniversary to us and and early Valentines :)
Will miss you much in Melbourne dear :(

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