Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I've already had a few farewell dinners from my family and my nanny :) who took care of me for 14 long years and this one is from my primary school mates :)

I'm currently trying to meet everyone before I leave coming Sunday. I'm meeting Zeng tomorrow! :D Can't wait. Haven't seen him in like 3 ish years >.< I've a pretty tight schedule tomorrow x.x I'll be having lunch with Zeng, Mossy and Rich first and will be meeting Charley and Ansyn (he just came back from Uk for hols.Rich kid!). Thennnnnnnnn supper with Melissa and my ex tuition teacher. Phew. That's a long list. *wipes sweat*

I'm trying my best to meet up with everyone and bade a teary goodbye before I leave :'( I was just kidding on the teary part. I'm saving up for the massive tear flood at KLIA. Those who are sending me off remember to bring towels to soak up the tears and mucus. Love you all much :)

Peeps who I've yet to meet are my own high school besties (Beebers, Sarah, Lynnie and Elsa) and college besties (Mabs, Qing, Cow, Ming and Horny. We are the miserable few who were left behind after the Ukay ppl left us :( ) Do holler me to arrange somethingggg!

I'm leaving with one of my best mates from primary school, Siang Hang to Aussieland. Him on the 10th while moi on the 15th. He's heading to ANU, the obscure uni :p in Canberra whilst I'm heading to Melbourne yo! Our farewell was organised by my primary school best friend- Anielle, whom after all these years (I knew her since we were 8 and we are hitting the big 2-0 this year *hyperventillates*) stayed true to our friendship and is one of the sincerest friend I'm lucky to have. We've known each other for 12 years to be exact :) and we go wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy back.

We have a small close knitted group and now we've evolved into constant yamcha kakis :) Those were the days when we had daily gossiping of other classmates, bullying classmates (we were really mean), shooting bottle caps, spreading rumours on how the washrooms were haunted (HAHAHAHAHA!), annoy the teachers until they cry, giving nicknames to those we dislike (Wakiki Burger!) etc.

Good times :)

The girls :) Spot the pimp and he's Siang Hang. Lol.

The boys :)

3 besties! :D
Anielle, Me and Siang Hang

Meet Shu Hui! She's the one on the far right ^^

The usual yamcha kakis! :D
Somehow someone will always organise a meet up ^^

She actually gave us presents too *watery eyes**sniff*

You're a wonderful friend my dear

Omg. This was how I look liked when I was 12 -___________-*diessss*

Mini me :D
Group pic!
Thanks for everyone who came that night :) you guys totally made my day :)

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