Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Of Christmas Eve and Starbucks

Yup. Christmas is here again! *throws confetti*

Today's Christmas Eve and sadly I'm sitting her in MidValley's Starbucks blogging, at the mean time waiting for my mum, who's doing facial now. Long sigggggggggggggggggggh. Finding for a place to park is a bitch here! omg. It took me half an hour to find a parking and the whole premier carpark is like uber full >.<"

We were supposed to have plans tonight :((( but they were dashed yesterday by a stupid uncle who doesn't know how to maneuver his bloody Volvo and crashed into Kok Shin's Myvi's rear :( and now our poor Mini Cooper (yes it's our Mini Cooper. We live in denial :) )is recuperating at the foreman's repair shop and he's on his way to the police station to make a full police report. Sigh. We were supposed to have a great dinner at a place with awesome ambience :( oh well.

Am currently busy looking for a place to stay in Melbourne. Lodging's really expensive, approximately 800 AUD a month and that's only lodging, excluding other expenses o.O Luckily I've 2 trusty roommates already! :) Mossy and Rich! :D We are so gonna kick ass! Hahaha. In case Rich doesn't know, Mossy is already planning all sorts of crazy tricks to pull on him. Eg: Itching powder on his bed, mysterious disappearance of items (especially on his date etc etc.

I quote," Omg. Imagine one day, Rich wakes up to an empty room! All his belongings all gone and guess what? It's his DATE NIGHT! Jeng jeng jeng!"

Wtf right. Okay I added the Jeng jeng jeng part but whatever. But at least with roommies we can cut down on living cost eg: food, water and such :) Can't wait!

I hope this Christmas will be a great one :) and hopefully things will work out tonight >.<"

If not, both of us are going to spend one lonely, uneventful Christmas :(

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