Monday, November 14, 2011

Housemate Drama.

When I was studying in Frank Tate yesterday with the FT family, Kev wasn't there. It wasn't that surprising, considering what a sloth he is. lol.

After dinner, Chris pulled me aside and was telling me about this situation he's facing with Kev. So it all starts off like this:

We had an Oral Med exam last Thursday and it was stressballs. OMG. One of the most stressful exams I've encountered. Luckily we were given 4 questions to prepare for and all of us are just counting on the questions to appear in the exams. So between Tuesday and Wednesday, Kev (not surprising at all) asked for 2 for Chris' essays through Facebook chat and having stated the classic, "If you don't want to, you can say no". Obviously this puts Chris into a dilemma. If he gives, it's against his principle and if he doesn't, he's considered a bad friend. So he did.

But he was furious and sent Kev an email stating so and that he should be more giving than taking all the time. Which I had to agree with, because K is a leech, literally. He would extend his body across the study table like some freaking phagocyte (excuse the nerd in me) and his ears will grow into Dumbo sized ones to listen to other people's output on a particular discussion topic and he'll never give any info in return.

Well long story short, K made C apologize for not being graceful about sending his answers to him (wtf?) and that he should be more tolerant and more competitive (double wtf?) lol. So yeah. C is hurt of course and now it's really tensed back home bc well they live under the same roof.

Mmm. I need to listen to K's side before making any judgements but for now, it's not looking swell. Not gonna take sides or wtv but some people just need to get a good knock on his skull to remind him what is right and wrong and how he overstepped the boundaries this time. BIG TIME.

Chyeahhh. My thoughts exactly.

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