Saturday, November 19, 2011


Been going through a biphasic emotional rollercoaster. Sigh.

Dent is really taking a toll on me. Thursday's paper was just..... wtf? Can't believe I studied so hard for it and because of the random questions that I got screwed over :((( Well it's undeniable that it's my own fault bc I didnt do my run through ritual with the CDH lectures. But also because I ran out of time with discussions and what not. Definitely changing the way I study next year. It's really depressing when all the effort you put in for a paper doesn't even minutely reflect the knowledge we know for that particular subject.

And people who always complain on how freaking hard their subject is should just stfu. You think 12 weeks of lectures is bad for 1 exam. We have 3 subjects (36 lectures at least) crammed into 1 paper. And we are still expected to know everything. I'm so tired of reading people tweeting about their stupid exam and how difficult it to finish 12 lectures. Bitch please. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN.

Zzzz. I'm just in a really crappy mood right now.

Last exam - Oral exam/viva, which is like a case presentation to 2 dentists and we have to diagnose and treatment plan for the patient. They can ask you anyyyyyyyyything from 2nd year to 3rd year. So death is with me.


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